ConnectionHealth is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was founded in December 2014 in Birmingham, Alabama. ConnectionHealth is dedicated to training and deploying community health workers (CHWs) to address the needs of Alabama’s most vulnerable citizens. Currently, ConnectionHealth serves citizens in Jefferson County, Shelby County and the Black Belt Region of rural Alabama, providing community-based support with the goal of assisting clients to achieve healthier lives.  Employing evidence-based strategies through an equity lens, ConnectionHealth has provided services to over 10,000 community members and currently has a team of over 40 CHWs and continues to expand as additional partners connect. 

Community Health Workers (CHWs) collaborate closely with a patient’s healthcare team, offering an array of services that blend education, advocacy, and community support. Their role encompasses facilitating access to primary and preventive care, imparting preventive care knowledge, aiding in managing chronic conditions, promoting healthy lifestyle decisions, assisting in appointment adherence, ensuring patients follow treatment guidelines, and linking them to extensive community resources.

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